Today, you don’t have to queue for hours at your local lab to be tested for an STD. You don’t even have to pay the doctor’s fee for the same reason. This is all thanks to the availability of home testing kits. The kits provide you the convenience of testing an STI just from the comfort of your home. This means that you do it privately and at your preferred time.

One common home testing kit that you should probably use is the one for chlamydia. Chlamydia is a serious bacterial infection that is widely transmitted via anal or vaginal sex. With the best test kit, you can screen the bacteria and seek the right treatment in time.

How to Use the Test Kit

The manufacturer of the kit usually includes the instructions for testing chlamydia. The instructions may vary from one home kit to another, so it’s important to follow them accordingly.

There are two categories of chlamydia test kits. To begin with, there are instant test kits. These can give you the results in 15-30 minutes. You are required to use a cervical swab (in the case of women) or a urethra swab (in the case of men). Nonetheless, some people find the method of sample collection to be unpleasant. They, thus, prefer the second group of test kits; those that involve the use of urine samples. With these test kits, you are required to follow these steps when testing for chlamydia:

• Collect your urine sample at home and pack it appropriately.

• Send the sample to the testing lab for chlamydia screening.

• Wait for 3-5 days to receive the results of the screening

The results come with instructions on what to do depending on the findings. You can visit for more information on using the two groups of chlamydia test kits.

Who Should Buy the Test Kit?

Actually, anybody who is sexually active should buy the test kit and test for the STD. Nevertheless, the following are the most recommended groups:

• Individuals who are having unprotected sex with multiple partners.

• Individuals in monogamous relationships and are suspecting chlamydia.

• Individuals who were infected by chlamydia before and never got the right treatment.
This is because chlamydia has the habit of recurring.

Testing chlamydia has never been this easy and convenient. The home testing kits are easy to use and quite affordable. You can visit for information on kit selection among other relevant chlamydia information.

Chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. Unfortunately, people do not know enough about it. If you think it is rare, minor, or could never happen to you, knowledge is the first step toward better health.

What Is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that is primarily spread through sexual contact. Up to 70% of women and approximately 50% of men who are infected with this STD do not have any signs or symptoms. This is one reason everyone who is sexually active should be tested regularly for chlamydia.

Is Chlamydia Dangerous?

One danger of this STD is the risk of transmitting it to others. It can be transmitted to partners during sexual activity, and pregnant women with chlamydia can transmit it to their babies during vaginal childbirth. Women who plan to become pregnant should be tested for this disease.

Chlamydia can cause a variety of health problems, including infertility.

How Is Chlamydia Treated?

This disease can be treated, and effectively cured, with antibiotics. If you have chlamydia or suspect that you do, your physician can prescribe the correct antibiotics.

Can Chlamydia Be Prevented?

There are a number of options for preventing chlamydia and other STDs. You can abstain from sexual activity, or you can limit your sexual relations to one partner that is not infected. Another option for avoiding an STD is to always use a condom correctly when you have sex.

Should You See A Doctor?

You should not be embarrassed to talk to your personal physician about sexually transmitted diseases or any other topic. However, you also have the option of using a home testing kit to test yourself for the STD.

If you choose this option, you can perform the test in the privacy of your own home. Make sure to follow the directions on the kit. If the test results show you have the STD, make an appointment with your doctor immediately. He can prescribe antibiotics so the infection does not cause serious complications.

It is not impossible to prevent an STD, but it is not the end of the world if you do develop it. Place your trust and confidence in your doctor, as he is there to help you.

When you take sensible precautions to protect yourself from chlamydia, you are being responsible. Avoid the temptation to pretend sexually transmitted diseases do not exist, and you can enjoy a healthier, fulfilling life.

The majority of persons who have contracted the herpes virus will notice symptoms between 1 and 2 weeks after being exposed to the virus. Mild symptoms are typically mistaken for conditions like ingrown hairs, the flu or pimples. Some individuals actually do not experience herpes symptoms at all. After becoming infected, the initial eruption usually becomes noticeable between 2 and 20 days. However, it could take years for some persons to experience the first outbreak. When an outbreak of HSV-2 starts, many persons could notice painful, itchy or burning bumps on the inner thighs, vagina, vulva, cervix, penis, buttocks or on the anus. Additionally, there is a high likelihood that the outbreak of these blisters will turn into sores. Infected individuals could also experience:

• A struggle to urinate
• Swollen glands around your underarms, pelvic area or throat
• Aches
• Genital Pain
• Fatigue
• Itching
• Fever
• Chills
• A headache

Often missed, these symptoms are commonly mistaken as being just a blemish or ingrown hair. Even more significantly, many carriers of the herpes virus have no detectable symptoms, as previously mentioned; therefore, testing is necessary as they could infect others without even realizing it.

Test Cost for the Herpes Virus

For many people, testing without medical insurance could be quite a challenge. As a result, home testing options for herpes are meant to be affordable even for those who do not have insurance. These at-home tests are also ideal for individuals who prefer not to test at a medical facility. The test can be done from the familiarity and comfort of home and it costs approximately half of the out-of-pocket cost at medical facilities.

How the Herpes Virus At-home Test Kit Works

The home test delivers optimal convenience. With home test kit for the herpes virus, you can test at any time from anywhere you choose and the process is very simple.

Herpes testing from home is carried out as follows:

• Order the test online
• Collect a sample by following the instructions
• Ship off the collected sample for free
• Get your lab-certified results online in a matter of days

You should never allow the lack of medical insurance or your desire for privacy to get in the way of finding out about your health. A home test kit for the herpes virus is affordable and convenient. This type of kit makes it unnecessary to get tested at a clinic, hospital or at the doctor’s office. All that is required is choosing the most convenient place and time for you.

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